Attention siblings

Megan said today, “When I see Aunt Caitlin, I want her to teach me ballet. And I want Uncle Devin to teach me how to swim.”

“Sounds great!” I said. “What do you want Allison to teach you?”
“Math.” Megan replied. “And I want Ethan to teach me how to write.”

“Okay. What do you want Daddy’s sisters to teach you?” I asked.
“Gymnastics. And basketball. I want to learn how to dribble,” she replied.
“They can definitely do that!”

So aunts and uncles, you are in for a busy summer!

ps I haven’t forgotten Shae. I’m sure he is super busy with his little one, but perhaps he will find time to share one of his talents with his adoring niece.


5 thoughts on “Attention siblings

  1. well, I’m scared to think of what she wants me to teach her because I don’t have “amazing” talents like the family. Well, at least amazing talents that you can’t do as well. So maybe I’ll be the fun aunt who will teach her to, uh…, uh…. Good thing I still have 4 weeks to think about it. LOL see you soon!!

  2. You should be the cool aunt who teaches her the fine art of sarcasm. It will serve her better than anything else in the world. I’ve made it my mission to be that exact type of Aunt to Erin’s kids.

  3. I think her daddy’s got the sarcasm covered, but I’m sure there are many things Laura can teach her. You can teach ME how to fix her hair, for instance.

  4. LOL. Ok, I can be the cool hair Aunt. Just bring your bag of hair pretties, because every mom knows you can’t have the awesome hair without the right hair pretties. Of course Ky still rips hers out most of the time, but I’ve got Abbie trained pretty good. LOL.

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