I received an email last night that said:
“The Board just came out of closed session and voted to deny your request.”

The request was to enroll Megan in kindergarten in the fall despite her December birthday. She’s ready, as you can tell from everything I’ve written about her.

I am very anxious about this. I’m scared to take it to the next level, which would probably mean getting a lawyer. But I’m also scared to do nothing. To just send Megan to preschool for a THIRD year when she has learned everything she needs to know to enter kindergarten. I don’t want her to be bored and have the problems Christopher had in elementary school because he was not challenged at school.

Our crusade, if you will, hinges on the following Virginia law:
“…children whose fifth birthday occurs between October 1 and December 31 of the school year may be enrolled in kindergarten…”

According to the school board, “may be enrolled” means that they choose whether or not to enroll her. I think the law can be interpreted to mean that Christopher and I can choose whether or not to enroll her. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. I say it’s time to go to the mattresses. This isn’t business, it’s personal!! :)Have you already sent letters of evaluation from Megans preschool teachers indicating her abilities? I’d see that as a possible next step, along with you voicing your own concerns regarding Megan thriving in a challenging school environment. Perhaps they have a sort of placement test that you can use or if not, a place like Sylvan Learning Centers have placement testing that is broken down by grade levels (I work there). My mother in law teaches elementary school in Virginia. I can give you her information if you think she could help you fight this. I’m a firm believer that the start of a child’s education is the most important step.

  2. I have a sister in law that had a similar problem, she ended up putting her on an awsome home school program for kindergarden and then is just going to put her in first grade next year. But that was in Cali. so I don’t know if it would fly in VA. The program was AWSOME though and it was totally free. You should have seen all the supplies that they sent her. I want to put my kids on it just to get all the cool supplies! Also, they have like a group that all the people who are involved in it get together so their kids can socialize.

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