Best fictional couples

After watching Pride and Prejudice–again–I decided to compile a list of my favorite fictional couples.

10. Tarzan and Jane. Because every uptight girl needs a wild man. When this Disney movie came to the BYU varsity theater, there were a lot of gorilla noises during make out sessions.

9. Kevin and Winnie. Because you never forget your first love. And they kept in touch, and he picked her up from the airport. With his wife. And his 8-month-old son.

8. Luke and Lorelai. Because he just likes to see her happy.

7. Lois and Clark. Because secret identities are hot.

6. Josh and Donna. Because you never know if the Deputy Chief of Staff and the Deputy Deputy Chief of Staff are going to hook up. Seriously, I’ve only watched the first two seasons, I really don’t know.

5. Pam and Jim. Because Michael says you should never, ever, ever give up.

4. Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay. Because she was looking up. It was the closest thing to heaven. He was there.

3. Maria and Captain von Trapp. Because I knew from the moment you blew that silly whistle.

2. Scarlett and Rhett. Because frankly, he doesn’t give a damn.

And the winner is…

1. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. Because nothing is hotter than verbal sparring, a little humility, and 10,000 a year.


4 thoughts on “Best fictional couples

  1. Colin Firth can “verbally spar” with me any day of the week and I’ll squeeze in an extra session on Tuesdays! I didn’t watch that movie until last year, when my husband found out I hadn’t and made me sit down and watch it. The same thing happened with Man From Snowy River. And to head off your next question– I’m certain he’s not gay. I blame his mother and older sisters.

  2. Yeah, i’ve never seen the movie either. Let’s put it on our “to watch” list for the summer Lauren. But I loved this list! I would have never thought to do something like that and it’s all too true! (there were a few people that I didn’t know, but when you only have peasant vision, that’s normal) Anyway, ttyl & see you soon! L

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