Week in Yuba City – Monday

Monday, July 16 – We drove down to Santa Cruz to go to the beach and carnival at the pier.

Christopher and I decided to leave ahead of everyone and hit the children’s museum in San Jose, which was awesome. Then we headed down to the beach and had a great time. Since we went on the beach right in front of the pier, it was pretty crowded. We had fun splashing and playing, but I still think that California beaches cannot compare to South Carolina beaches. People don’t know what they are missing, and let’s hope it stays that way!

As the sun went down, we headed up to the pier. Rides were 75 cents and so our kids did a bunch of kiddy ones and then we took them on the Ferris wheel. I can’t believe how wussy I am. I seriously sat frozen on the Ferris wheel and shook. Megan was like, “Relax, Mom, it’s not scary!”

I took Gavin on the little roller coaster, and Megan rode with Aaron in front of Christopher and Stan. The ride had a little camera. I look scared (even though I don’t remember being), Gavin and Megan looked like the were having a blast (Megan had her hands in the air), and Aaron looked terrified. Now that I’m in SC I don’t have the pictures. Maybe I can get Christopher to post some for me. They’re pretty funny.

The drive home took forever. I had to finish it because Christopher couldn’t make it. Luckily Tuesday we had nothing planned all day and relaxed.


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