Week in Yuba City – Saturday

This day started at midnight when Christopher and I decided to run to the mall to see the Harry Potter festivities. A long line of people were waiting to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, but I hate lines, so I told Christopher we’d just leave and buy it at Walmart in a few days. As we were leaving, we noticed another little store that was open. I walked in and asked the cashier if they were selling Harry Potter (there were no other customers in the store), and she said pre-orders only. No problem, I said, but as I was walking out, I turned around and asked, “You don’t happen to have any extras, do you?” And she said she had ordered 3 and I could have one! For 20 bucks! And I said, “I’ll take it!” I bought it at 12:10 am on Saturday, July 21, and I was leaving the mall I wanted to yell “Suckas!” to the 200 people standing in line. I finished Harry Potter #7 on Monday evening. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Saturday morning we went to the temple to do a session and sealings for a bunch of Christopher’s progenitors, who come mostly from England and France, a few from Sweden. Christopher was doing the work for a man from Italy. He was so excited that one of his ancestors was Italian and I told him that with his tan skin and prowess in the bedroom I was not surprised. However, we found out later that the Italians were related to his ancestors by marriage, not by blood. We were so disappointed! šŸ™‚


One thought on “Week in Yuba City – Saturday

  1. Sorry. I’m not your mother, but I’ve been wondering how the move is going. You’re headed East, right? I hope all is well. I’ll have to check in more. (The picture of Meagan with her boyfriend is too cute.)

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