Fun in SC

It’s already August 3rd? Are you serious?

The Carrolls have been having a fun time. Not as fun as Caitlin, who is bush camping in Botswana, but we’ve been hitting the pool, watching the Braves, eating good food, hanging out. We had the most fun at the water park on Fort Jackson. It was the perfect size for the kids, with lots of little pools, sprinklers, slides, and a large lazy river. Megan, as usual, has been fearless, jumping off the diving board and hurtling down the waterslides. Gavin prefers to stay in the baby pool, where the water only reaches his waist.

Christopher, I think, has been having fun in YC with no parental responsibilities. I have heard reports of roller coasters, fishing, and lots of golf. We have been spending a lot of time on the phone, Christopher getting ready for the closing on the new house, and I speaking with the public school division in VA to see if I can get Megan in public kindergarten. I’ll let you know how it goes.

There is not much to report. It is really good to be home. It’s fun to hang out with Devin as adults. He’s going to be smarter than me someday soon, and that will be a bittersweet moment. First, he got bigger than me, now he’s going to be smarter, too. Caitlin’s in Africa saving the world. Allison is remarkably the exact same. She never changes. She is sweet and helpful, but at the same time immature and thoughtless. She doesn’t seem to have a life plan beyond the summer, and although I’m sure the maturity switch will get flipped eventually, I’m hoping it will happen sooner than later. Ethan is the baby, still, at thirteen. It’s really nice having help with Megan and Gavin. They just do it instinctively, everyone, including my dad. I don’t have to ask for help, it’s just there. It’s a nice vacation for me.


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