Three weeks

So I’ve been in Charlottesville for three weeks, but it feels like forever! We’ve gotten into a groove pretty quickly. Monday through Thursday morning the kids go to preschool. That has been awesome. On the second day of school Megan’s teacher took me aside and said, “Um, Megan’s really advanced.” And I said, “I know!” 🙂 She has promised to work with Megan one-on-one to keep her challenged. Yay! Megan has had homework everyday, and today she had to read a chapter out of a grade 1-3 level book, define vocabulary words and answer reading comprehension questions. She doesn’t spend more than about half an hour on her homework, but she seems to enjoy it, and I don’t push her longer than she wants to do it. I guess when it’s “real” homework, I’ll have to enforce it a little more, but she’s doing pretty well on her own.

So Megan and Gavin go to school until noon, and then I pick them up. So far, my mornings have been spent at home cleaning and organizing or running all over town buying stuff for the house. I’m still far from organized. If you know me, you know that I won’t hang a picture until I’ve lived here at least six months, and won’t unpack the last three boxes until a week before we move out in two years. And, of course, we’ve lost a bunch of stuff, the title to Christopher’s car being the most important thing.

In the afternoons, Gavin takes a nap if I’m lucky, and Megan sits in front of the TV. I don’t feel too bad, though, because she watches PBS Kids– Between the Lions, Reading Rainbow, and Super Why. She walks around singing, like the Princess on SuperWhy, “I love to spell! S-P-E-L-L!”

Gavin has been a big b-a-b-y lately, and I’m trying not to coddle him, but he’s had a rough couple of months, being dragged all across the country, starting school, and not seeing his daddy most nights. His “Carry me!”s are very reminiscent of a certain uncle Devin, without the German accent.

Christopher is tearing up school, of course. After getting a master’s degree in Rocket Science, did anyone really think he would have difficulty in Business? No, he’s doing great, top of the class. Of course, it’s very time consuming, but I’m fine. I’ve got Facebook and a library card and cable TV. Although, Christopher came home today at 3 — to STAY — and that was nice. I have a friend who is a newlywed. She moved straight from her parent’s house to her husband’s and they moved from Seattle to Michigan where he started business school. She’s pretty lonely right now, and I understand why. I’m, as Christopher puts it, “a cactus– used to being neglected.” Which pretty much sums it up.

And the neglect will most likely continue, as Christopher is being courted by Bain, the largest consulting firm in the world. Bain employees work long, hard hours, and they travel quite a bit. But I’m thrilled. I think Bain is just the place Christopher should start his post-MBA career. Plus, he’ll make a ton of money. Of course, how far your “ton” goes depends on whether you work for Bain NY, Bain SF, or Bain ATL. You know where I want to go. Can anyone say Marietta? Can my kids puh-lease attend the same stellar public schools that my sister-in-law did?

We’ve made a bunch of friends here. I haven’t found my best friend yet. Still looking for those people I can totally be myself with. I had about ten in Maple Valley, so I miss that for sure. It doesn’t help that most of the people in the ward live half an hour away. But, thinking back, I didn’t form my close friendships in Maple Valley for several months or even until right before we left, so I just need to be patient. All my relationships can’t be as fast as my marriage. 🙂

All right, now that I’ve started writing again, I’m going to make this a regular occurrence again. Stay tuned. And pictures are forthcoming!


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