It seems to start every October. The weekly visits to the pediatrician. The $100 trips to the pharmacy. Yes, it’s that time again. Time for my family to get sick. The kids tend to alternate weeks, but this weekend, it hit MOM.

Now, what happens when Mom gets sick? That’s right, life as we know it comes to a crashing halt. It started on Wednesday night with a hint of a sore throat. Thursday I went about business as usual, but the throat and the head were throbbing. Thursday night the sinuses were so stuffed not even Nyquil could conquer them, and Friday morning I was full blown sick. Unfortunately, Christopher had an exam and Gavin was full blown sick, too. I called the pediatrician at 8:15 and they said they could see Gavin at 8:40. Sweet. I threw jeans and tees on the kids and myself and we got to the car at 8:25 (the office is 8 minutes away). Then, I couldn’t find my keys. They are usually on my purse, but I had been neglectful the day before and left them on the coffee table in the basement. From 8:25 to 8:45, I tore the house apart looking for those keys. Christopher, remembering that we had put Gavin in the basement at 6 am to watch TV and gone back to bed, told me to check the car, as Gavin had probably stolen the keys and tried to drive the car. A thorough search of the car did not turn up the keys, and I was in tears, sick, and needed Gavin to see a doctor! We said a prayer. Not 2 minutes later, I walked around to the OTHER side of the car, and there they were, in the drivers side door. Gavin had taken the keys, at 6 am, when we left him alone in front of the TV, and gone into the garage, where he proceeded to “unlock” the car door, climb in the driver’s seat, and press buttons. When I cranked up the car, the windshield wipers were on, etc. I think Gavin’s got a future in underage joyriding.

Lessons learned: Do not leave your keys on the coffee table. Childproof the garage door.
Say a prayer first thing.

I made it to the doctor at 8:55 and they were able to see Gavin right away. Gavin had an ear infection and the doctor, who I really like, who randomly also happens to be a Darden grad and an asthma expert, prescribed Omnicef, which came to $75 after insurance (the generic!) and after I said, “Um, doctor, I’m pretty convinced that I have a sinus infection, and, as you know, hubby is a first year at Darden, and it’s finals week, and can I please have a Z pack?” He kind of rolled his eyes, but he wrote me the scrip, and it’s a good thing he did because I have been quite sick this weekend. I can’t remember when I’ve had a sinus infection this bad, with fever and pain and aches and everything.

Fortunately, Christopher came home at 3 on Friday after his exam. He stopped at the grocery store on the way home and stocked up on frozen pizza, root beer, and candy bars. All the essentials when Daddy’s doing the cooking. I stayed in bed pretty much all Saturday. Christopher took Megan to the UVa football game and they had a blast. You can read more about it on his blog. I think she impressed Mr. Colley as much as Christopher does. I’m still pretty sick today. As we speak, I’m writing this on Christopher’s laptop from bed. Christopher and Megan will get ready for church soon (yes, we have church at 3:30 in the afternoon). I had a little bit of energy this morning and I used it to clean the kitchen. Christopher did a good job doing the dishes but I’m pretty anal about the cleanliness of my kitchen so I mopped the floor… oh wait, I wiped the counters, put the chairs up and let my Scooba clean the floor. The best birthday/anniversary/Mother’s Day present ever.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, as I’ll be on the 4th day of my Z pack and Gavin will be on day 4 of Omnicef and his new asthma medication that he and Megan will take all winter, we will be feeling better and things can get back to normal. Being sick sucks. It’s nice to take a break and lay in bed and watch some TV, but it is nicer to do that once in awhile when I’m healthy. Then, after an hour of R&R, I can get up and do something. Feeling crappy is no fun, and I also can’t relax when my bathrooms need disinfecting.

Thank you for reading my hopped-up on decongestants incoherent ramblings. Is anyone reading my blog since I changed the address? Leave a comment if you are out there.

Love to all,
Snot Head


3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I’m sorry you guys are sick!! At least you have a Dr. who knows a lot about asthma. I have a sore throat tonight, and Scott is out of town until Wednesday. I’m in pretty deep denial that I’m getting sick, I’m not sick, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not! Hope you all feel better soon and don’t have to many more of those trips to the Dr.

  2. Hey Lauren! I wasn’t sure what happened to you. Maybe Christopher abducted you and just “told” everyone you were moving. And then you left a comment and I didn’t know from where. Why the change? (Although I have to agree with the appropriateness of the new name.):)

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