Jefferson Dinner

I’ve been feeling sick all week but tonight was the Jefferson dinner and I did NOT want to miss it. So I rested all day as best I could to conserve my strength, and then I picked up my babysitter from the high school at 4:00 and spent some time breathing some steam and taking a nice cocktail of OTC cold meds, got cute and picked up Christopher.

The Jefferson fellow dinner was at the Harrison Institute on UVa grounds, where they keep the special collections. They have an original signed copy of the Declaration of Independence, which I think is signed by my ancestor Charles Carroll of Carrollton. However, after a quick wiki search of Carroll, I find that he’s from Maryland, not South Carolina, so I might be confusing him with another signer of the document. The room also had a copy of the “South Carolina Declaration of Independence” from 1860. We enjoyed that.

The dinner started out with drinks and mingling, followed by dinner. We spent most of the night talking with the other four Darden fellows who were there, and Christopher’s mentor, Mr. Colley. Mr. Colley is awesome. This man is going to shape the course of Christopher’s career, and thereby, my life. He has encouraged Christopher to look beyond his dreams of space to what could be an amazing career in business. I told him to feel free to continue to meddle. Christopher is too talented to be in space right now, as an engineer or even a manager. He has the opportunity to work for a top consulting firm, and from there can gain the experience and capital to start his own business doing whatever he wants to do… according to Mr. Colley, and me. He is a brilliant man and one heck of a mentor, and I’m really grateful for everything he is doing for Christopher and our family. He has insisted that I come to the next home football game and told me that I will enjoy ACC basketball as well. He has missed 5 Cavalier home football games in the last 40 years.

I continue to be grateful that we are here at Darden, and so happy that we got that Harvard rejection. I know we are supposed to be here, and can’t believe how blessed we are that the Lord is letting everything happen the way it is.


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