This has been a whirlwind of a few days. The kids had a dentist appointment yesterday at 2:15, so after I picked them up from school at noon we ate lunch and played for a while at Chick-Fil-A to kill time. Then, we headed to the dentist. We were early, so they played for a while and watched Dora on the big screen. Luckily, I decided to take them to a pediatric dentist. Score. Gavin decided to do his business while we were waiting, and unfortunately I forgot to bring a diaper along. Isn’t is about time that kid starts pooping on the potty? Thank goodness the dentist happened to have a Buzz Lightyear Pull-up. Gavin thought that was pretty cool. I told him he could wear big boy Pull-ups all the time, but, no, he’s content with the diapers.

The kids did great for their cleanings, and Megan for her x-rays. And their teeth are perfect! I try to brush them pretty well, but I think the genetics are helping. Neither Christopher nor I have ever had a cavity, so our kids have a good chance of having good teeth.

The dentist’s office was next door to Target, so I decided to run in a get a soccer ball, kick ball, and wiffle balls and bat to play with on the lawn at our townhouse and at Darden. Unfortunately, Megan spotted some toy she had seen on TV.

“Mom, it’s the Dora the Explorer Sparkle and Twirl Mermaid! When you place Dora into her magic seashell, Dora sings as she spins around and raises her arms as her skirt grows into a mermaid’s tail! You can hear all of Dora’s stories by pressing the story button on the base! You need to buy THIS NOWWWWW!!!”

So of course, since she had been going non-stop for 8 hours without a rest, when I said, “We can’t have that now. It’s thirty dollars. Your birthday and Christmas are coming up,” she pitched a Level 5 temper tantrum. Screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of Target, she declared, “You don’t like me! You don’t get me anything I want! You don’t like the things I like!”

I quickly checked out and headed for the car. I handed her my cell phone and told her to complain to someone else. She called my mom. “Grammy!” she exclaimed. “Your daughter is being so mean!” My mom tried to remind her of the impending holidays, but it did nothing to pacify Megan. She ended up crying until I pulled into Darden to let Daddy straighten her out. He came out and talked to her and then she calmed down. Gavin slept through this whole ordeal.

The car hit 111,111 miles on the way home. Not bad for a ’95.

Today after school Megan went to Peyton’s house and I had Gavin and Sara. After lunch we all took a nap. It was so refreshing. It is cool and thankfully raining today. Sara’s mom picked her up at 5:15 and I picked up Megan and we headed to Darden for a Cold Call. Catered Subway, all the beer you can drink, and pumpkins for the kids to decorate. My kids were covered in washable pumpkin paint by the end of the evening. Christopher had to run to case interview preparation, and I managed to drive home without rolling the still wet pumpkin around the back of the station wagon. After a quick shower and a story, those kids crashed.

Oh, and today I also managed to buy a dining room table and chairs from a lady who’s moving to Hawaii, and a few hours later sell my old set to a UVa student. Christopher had bought that set off Craigslist without me seeing it, and I never really liked it. I sold it for $35 more than he paid for it, so his time wasn’t totally wasted.

And now, it’s 8:53 on Thursday night and I’m going to watch The Office.


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