Darden Partners Day

Today the Darden Partners got a taste of what our students experience every day. We started mingling at 9:25, First Coffee, and then attended Marketing class with our students from 10-11:25. Unfortunately, they were discussing the week long StratSim project, so instead of a heated case discussion, all we got were Power Point presentations, which were pretty boring to me since I didn’t spend all week working on the simulation.

Then, we had a Partners Forum, where they talked about how we can support our students and receive support ourselves, and what is in store for us and our students with job searches and whatnot. It wasn’t anything I didn’t already know, which makes me think I’m quite involved in the Darden process. A lot of the other women were asking, “If my husband is going into investment banking, and is going to be working 80-100 hours a week, how am I going to have a career and children at the same time?”

I was surprised at how many people haven’t had these conversations yet. Christopher is going into consulting. He is going to be traveling and working a lot, and I’m going to stay home with our children so that they have a good deal of stability, and Christopher will keep his Saturdays and Sundays free for the family. We discuss his work/family balance several times a week, and I’m surprised that many of these other married couples haven’t even talked about it. Some of these women were discouraging their husbands from pursuing these careers because they thought the sacrifice was too great.

For me, I think consulting is a great fit for Christopher. He’ll be doing what he loves, which is analyzing complicated problems, creating solutions, presenting recommendations, persuading clients to follow his ideas, and helping the clients to achieve success. He’ll be working with smart, capable people. He’ll benefit from an accelerated learning environment, and also get to travel globally. I’m pretty independent, so I do pretty well holding down the fort when he’s gone. In fact, when he’s home too much, he kind of cramps my style. The path we’re on seems comfortable. He’ll spend the foreseeable future in consulting, working a lot, but also making a lot of money, developing valuable business skills, and networking. As the kids get older, and they need him more, he’ll have more flexibility so he can be there for ball games and piano recitals.

Well, he’s home. At 7:30, whoa! What a treat. The kids are already sound asleep, and we are going to have a date. Oceans 13 on our HDTV. We’ll never have to go to the theater again.


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