Today has been a challenge

Today’s highlights include Megan zipping Gavin up in a suitcase, Megan drinking vials of Xopenex solution, and Gavin pulling the emergency cord on my automatic garage door, which released it from its track. Tomorrow I’m moving to Australia.


5 thoughts on “Today has been a challenge

  1. Augh!!! I have days like that too. WE are all still in our pjs today and it’s 4:20pm. But I have to say that I”ve accomplished a ton. Just didn’t want to get anyone dressed! 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, and in response to your comment: I bought two sweater vests (my next door neighbor is going on a mission and bought them… they were so cute I just had to have them, mission or not) tonight at Target that are just about the cutest things. They were 6 bucks, and have matching cardigans for 8. You should check and see if your store has them, otherwise, maybe I’ll buy you one if you want me to.

  3. one of those days that’s only funny in hindsight or if it’s happening to someone else. i’m so sorry. we should definitely get together, our kids are practically the same ages. let me know next time you’re up this way! so glad to find your blog and catch up with your family. you’re all gorgeous.

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