Dream world

I’ve always had a very active subconscious. Almost every night, I have a vivid dream with interesting characters and elaborate plots. I have dreamed like this since I was a small child. If I could capture the concoctions of my unconscious mind, I’m sure I could tweak them into an amazing novel or movie script. However, I tend to forget them soon after I wake up. Occasionally, I’ll remember bits and pieces of my time as an spy/assassin or rock star, and sometimes I’ll remember entire conversations.

Last night, I attended the BYU/Utah football game, one of the biggest college football rivalries, with Mitt Romney and his entourage. I managed to speak with Mitt and this is our conversation.

me: “Governor, I notice that your shirt has both blue and red stripes on it. How very non-partisan of you.”
Romney: “Well, Lauren, I can’t very well take sides during an election year.”
me: “But you went to BYU! How can you abandon your Cougars like that?”
Romney: “Well, I grew up in Michigan, so if you want to know the truth, I’m actually a Wolverine.”
me: “Tough break for them this year, with Appalachian State and all.”
Romney: “Don’t bring that up. Heartbreaking. We’ll get ’em next year, though.”
me: “You know, I grew up in South Carolina, as a Gamecocks fan, but BYU will always be my team. My husband goes to Darden now, so we root for Virginia in the ACC. I’m starting to get into basketball.”
Romney: “Yeah, I’m not really a basketball fan anymore. The game is just not what it used to be.”
me: “Maybe, but I wouldn’t say that on the record.”
Romney: “I think you’re right, Lauren, and quite brilliant for someone of your age. How would you like to join my large team of political consultants?”
me: “I would love it more than anything, but I have two little ones at home, and I just don’t think it’s the right time for me to do something like that.”
Romney: “Well, good for you. If there’s anything you ever need, you just give me a call.”
me: “Thanks, Governor.”
Gavin: “Mommy! Wake up! I want some oatmeal.”


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