How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

1. Eating – In the South, every holiday is an excuse to prepare and eat a huge meal. Christmas dinner consisted of two kinds of turkey (roasted and fried) with all the fixings– mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing, broccoli casserole, sweet potato souffle, green beans, butter beans, deviled eggs, pecan and pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, lemonade, sweet tea, and probably about 4 or 5 other delectables I’m forgetting. And, of course, New Years’ Day was barbecued pork with hash, rice, potato salad, and lots of collard greens and black eyed peas. I ate a good helping of collards including leftovers the next day. I feel richer already.

2. Shopping – We did quite a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping. Then, the day after Christmas we went and exchanged everything. Then, we spent the next week shopping the after-Christmas sales. Because if it’s 50% off, you’re saving money!

3. Football – I love college football. So do my dad and husband. And I have wonderful sisters who do stuff like take my kids to the movies, or the museum, or the zoo. So I sat around with my dad and sweedie and watched just about every bowl game between Las Vegas and the Orange Bowl. BYU was painful, but at least they won. Too bad for the Hoos. Loved the Michigan win. Too bad for Hawaii, ouch. Go West Virginia, you deserve it. Unfortunately, my sweedie will be in Atlanta tomorrow night so I’ll have to watch the championship all by myself.

4. RELAXATION – After the craziness of Darden Boot Camp (aka first semester), it was nice to have some downtime. My husband was uncharacteristically laid back the entire time, and he even helped my dad (well, my dad helped him) fix a bunch of the broken stuff around the house that had been on my dad’s honey-do list since we’ve been married. I married such a handyman! It’s very sexy…

5. Wii – I would be remiss if I did not include the Wii in our Christmas vacation. Although, I didn’t get to play it much. No, the Wii-hoggers were Ethan, Christopher, and especially MEGAN! She schooled everyone at Wii, bowling strike after strike and beating every one of my teenage siblings at Mario Party. She cried when we pulled her away from it to drive home to Virginia.

What a great vacation. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for feeding us for two weeks, and taking care of our kids. Thanks, Allison and Caitlin, for taking our kids on fun excursions. Thanks, Ethan, for spending countless hours playing Wii with our kids, and for giving up your bed. And thanks, Devin, for sleeping in the room with Gavin.


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