The weekend is over… boo

So sad. We had a great weekend. After our trip to Richmond, we came home and I headed over to Amy’s house to practice a musical number for church the next morning. She was planning on playing viola and I was going to accompany her on piano, but we ended up playing a viola/flute duet and asking someone else to play piano. It turned out lovely, and since I didn’t take my flute over to Amy’s house, we ended up chatting for a while and that was fun.

Sunday was church. During Sacrament meeting Christopher was sending emails on his PocketPC. Christof and Megan, a fun couple we met through Darden, invited us over for an after-church dinner. It was delicious, and our kids were pretty good. It helps that Megan and Christof like kids and their house is surprisingly kid-friendly for a couple who don’t have children yet. After dinner, we headed home and put Megan and Gavin to bed, then quickly cleaned up the main floor of the house so Christof and Megan could come over and play games. We settled on Monopoly, and THREE HOURS LATER Christof managed to bankrupt Christopher, who earned the second place finish. Three hours, even with the new “speed dice.” Although we had a great time, Monopoly, which none of us had played in years, was not quite as cool as we remember it. I’m excited for many more game nights with the Meyers.


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