Tutoring to make the dough for my new camera

So I tutored a high school junior in the fall to prep her for the PSAT. She was my first PSAT/SAT tutee, and I was pleased to say that in three sessions I was able to help her raise her score from a 160 (65th percentile) to a 185 (91st percentile). We were realists about the fact that she probably wasn’t going to be able to hit the NMS mark, which in Virginia is about 215, 10 points higher than in South Carolina, where I made NMS exactly 10 years ago. I think I peaked at age fifteen.

Anyway, so I get to tutor her again for the SAT on March 1st, and hopefully some of her friends. I really want a digital SLR, which is about $500, and I charge $50/hour, so if I can scrounge up 10 tutoring sessions, I can buy my camera. That was actually Christopher’s idea!

So, photographers, I need your help! Nikon D40x or Canon Rebel XTi? Is the lens that comes with the camera good enough? If not, what kind of lens do I need? If I need to buy a separate lens, should I just buy the camera body, not the camera/lens combo? I’ll be mostly taking pictures of children, but hopefully I can eventually branch out into landscapes, architecture, and other scenery. I have no art for my walls, so maybe I’ll make my own.

Here are some deals I’m looking at:

Canon Rebel XTi
Nikon D40x

I hear the Nikon takes better images, but the Canon has a special dust removal system that’s super cool.

Thanks for the advice! It will be a few months before I can afford one of these babies, but I’m excited.


3 thoughts on “Tutoring to make the dough for my new camera

  1. Lauren, I finally figured out it was you that was asking me questions on by blog about cameras (months ago). When I would click on your name, it wouldn’t show your profile, but as I was checking all my blogs, I saw this post and it clicked! Sorry it took so long to respond.My husband is the better photographer in the family, so he knows a lot more about this than I do. But I can tell you what I do know. He has a Canon EOS 30D and he has a Canon lens (Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L) that he purchased separately. We used to have the Canon Rebel, which we loved, but my husband upgraded because he wanted to take better outdoor pictures. So my vote would be the Rebel. We are a little Canon biased around here, we have been extremely pleased with the Canon stuff we have.Regarding the lens, the lens that comes with the camera is good, but depending on what kind of pictures you want to take and how picky you are about crisp, clear, more professional looking pictures, you may want to look into other lens as well. The lens my husband bought is really expensive, he bought it with a bonus he got at work, otherwise I think I would have objected…but, admittedly, it is an amazing lens. And it takes great pictures. You can see some of my husbands pictures at http://www.mountainalbum.com. Some of my favorites are in his Best of Best and his Ecuador trip.Good luck with the choice! How exciting, when you have a good camera and a good lens, you can almost always get a good shot. And the rebel is definitely an awesome camera!

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