My night out… and pain

I tried my first spin class this morning. Ten minutes later, I left. That bike seat was bruising my bum and it was killing me. I’m not into fitness that is excessively painful. Pain is not a great motivator for me, with the exception of Gavin’s birth. I got my epidural, they broke my water, then 20 minutes later he was crowning. The epidural had not kicked in, and it hurt…a lot! Two pushes later, he was out.

Tonight Christopher came home so I could go out. I made the most of my free night, first going visiting teaching, then stopping at a DPA Happy Hour downtown so I could meet the women I will be working with for the next year. Finally, I stopped by my friend Amy’s house and caught the end of Persuasion, which she had recorded from the Masterpiece Theater Jane Austen series. We are getting a Tivo in the mail soon, and if it works well, I’ll blog about the amazing deal we found.


2 thoughts on “My night out… and pain

  1. I saw part of that new version of Persuasion and really liked it. I can’t wait to hear about your good deal on your Tivo. I want one, but that’s something that’s just going to have to wait. sigh….

  2. I used to do spin class when I worked for a hotel that offered classes in their fitness center. It tooks a long time to get used to that seat, but I did enjoy the classes after that. A lot of work though!

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