Snow Day

“Mom, wake up! It’s snowing!” Megan said as I opened my eyes at 7:45 am. It had just started softly snowing, and six hours later we had 4-6 inches on the ground.

Christopher had to go to school, but the kids and I stayed home. We managed to bundle up enough to go outside for a few minutes in the late morning. Since my kids don’t have snow boots, I used electrical tape (couldn’t find the duct tape) to secure Ziploc freezer bags over their shoes, which seemed to work pretty well. Gavin lasted about 10 minutes before declaring, “I hate snow!” (that’s my boy!) I thought he had fallen in it face first (I was chatting with a neighbor and only heard the screams), but later the story was changed to “Megan hit me with a snowball.” As I warmed up Gavin with love and soup, Megan played outside for another 20 minutes in our front yard. She takes more after her daddy. I made her come in for lunch and promised we would build a snowman if I could get Gavin down for a nap.

Thank goodness, Gavin fell asleep (he’s outgrowing his naps), and we hurried outside to build our snowman. No sooner had I taken the pictures than Megan proceeded to destroy him and eat his nose. Just after that, the temperature changed from 32 to 33 degrees and the falling snow turned to cold rain. We ran inside and drank two cups of Swiss Miss, which I hear is bottom rung when it comes to hot chocolate. And because I’m the mom, I got marshmallows and whipped cream in mine.


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. That’s a LOT of snow. Geez. I’m with Gavin on the hating snow part too. Especially when it makes you slip and stretch some part of your knee that is not meant to be stretched and limp around all day. Oh, yeah, and that anonymous comment, I have no idea. I was going to put something like “because everything you read in Deseret News IS true” but one of my goals this year is to be less combative. And I looked it up, it is true that a little bit of the alcohol content does stay in food if you don’t cook it long enough, but basically boiling it for a little while evaporates most of it out. And if we’re going to talk about alcohol content, I sure hope they aren’t taking Nyquil– That’s got more than wine and beer!

  2. I wish it would snow here. I’m with Megan, I love the snow. I grew up drinking Swiss Miss, and loving it. Only as an adult did I realize how deprived I was. I still like it, but I buy the better tasting stuff now! The other Richins on our page went to College with me at WWU briefly. I’ve often wondered if Chris and Steve were related way back. I don’t know much about his family other than that they lived in Whatcom County when I was going to WWU. They are super nice if you ever wanted to just ask them. No name for the little guy yet! Hope you are well, 5 more weeks to go!!!

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