President Hinckley

So news travels fast. President Gordon B. Hinckley died about an hour and a half ago. When I heard, I was shocked. Not surprised, because he was 97 years old, but the news definitely rocked my world. He was the president of the church and prophet of the world for almost 13 years, half of my life.

I was a Hinckley scholar at BYU, which offered me not just tuition money but also the charge to study President Hinckley’s life and strive to emulate it. I just now got around to reading his biography, and I am just amazed at the way he lived his life. His core values–education, kindness, diligence, integrity, innovation, steadfastness, and above all, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ–are values that I try to improve on daily.

I am amazed at how smart he was. I didn’t realize how smart until I started reading his biography. His parents were both educators, and he spent his entire life surrounding himself with good books and good people, and working like crazy. He traveled the world teaching his message of love, faith, tolerance, and being just a little better each and every day. He gave us The Family: A Proclamation to the World, the Perpetual Education Fund, and many, many temples.

I am going to miss his wit, his strength, and his guidance. God speed, President Hinckley. I’m sure you are happy to be home.


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