So Super Tuesday was a disappointment. Hillary and McCain taking California? Huckabee taking the South? Ouch. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the end.

In other news, tornadoes are ripping through the country. The weather was 75 degrees yesterday and gorgeous. We rode bikes and played outside. However, the sky is starting to look quite ominous, as the bad storms make their way to the East coast. Luckily, we have a basement, with a closet, so I know where to go if I hear a tornado coming.

Christopher is flying to Boston today, and then Atlanta tomorrow, for second round interviews with two consulting firms. We should know by Sunday whether or not he has an offer from his first choice firm. I’m sure he’ll ace the interviews, but it’s pretty much up to the Lord what offers he gets and where we’ll end up going. The Lord has taken us on a pretty wild ride these past few years, but we are grateful for all the opportunities, and know that His will is the right way.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hahahaha… I think I remember asking Chris about his scar at a fireside or something and he just said it was something stupid. The true Story is much better….I was laughing out-loud, becaue that is TOTALLY something Bryce would do, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he doesn’t 🙂

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