Saturday was a busy day. We had a two-hour Worldwide Leadership Training broadcast for church. Christopher went at 11 am, and then came home and I went to the 2 pm session. While I was at the church Christopher took the kids to a Darden party, like with food and beer and ping pong. He said everyone was nice and welcoming, and he took crayons for Megan and a DVD for Gavin, so they were pretty good. We met up at 5 pm at Darden, where I had organized a party for all the Darden students with families (spouses & kids). We held the party in a big event space at Sponsors Hall (the hotel on Darden grounds), and everyone brought a tricycle or ball for their kids to play with. I ordered Christian’s pizza, a fruit and veggie tray, and cupcakes, and everyone just relaxed and had a good time. The kids played well, giving the adults a chance to chat, and the older kids gathered in a corner and did crafts. I think it was a successful first attempt at planning a DPA family event. Nothing fancy, just, to quote some fellow partygoers, “chill.”


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