Happy Valentine’s Day!

Romance? Not in the usual sense of the word. Spent the morning at Darden, watching my sweetie’s DSA president speech, which was fantastic despite his insistence that it was “a disaster.” Met with the director of financial aid to figure out my role in wooing the wives of Jefferson Fellow candidates, which should be pretty fun. Decided to spend my last hour of free time at the North Grounds gym, working up a sweat. A fabulous morning.

Picked up the kids and spent the afternoon playing Geotrax and coloring. Tutored another high school junior for the SAT. Camera fund continues to grow.

Best neighbor friend came over and we ate dinner and discussed politics. She’s a huge Obama fan.

Too lazy to put the kids to bed. Spent hours looking at three years worth of pictures and videos on Picasa, the kids laughing at themselves when they were “babies.” Decided at nine o’clock that it was probably times for baths. The kids go to bed with a lot less fuss when it’s 3 hours past their bedtime… Happy Valentine’s Day to me!


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. We are so excited about Chris running for the big position! Just reading about your day wore me out. We did nothing. I am still homebound with a sick kid. Cabin fever is starting to set in…

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