Journal Entries of Valentine’s Past

February 14, 1991. Today I went to the fourth grade Valentine’s Dance. Too bad the boy I like doesn’t like girls yet. It’s tough being eight and in love.

February 14, 1996. My first kiss. I stayed home from ninth grade today, but it didn’t stop my fourteen-year-old boyfriend from bringing me a dozen pink carnations and pecking me on the lips on the side of my house. (The front porch was too conspicuous, with the six pairs of nosy eyes in the house… can eyes be nosy?)

February 14, 1998. I had to go to the South Carolina Piano Festival. I got a Superior minus but at least I got to see the hottest boy at school.

February 14, 2000. We had the most fun date ever. First, we got dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s. Then, we got blindfolded (except Angie, who was driving). We ended up at Extreme Competition, where we played sumo and velcro wall and obstacle course and joust. Then it was midnight and everything in Provo was closed so we decided to all drive up to Squaw Peak but the Explorer got stuck in the snow. A cowboy Marine came along with chains and got us unstuck. An hour later, we were off Squaw Peak Road. I had a blast with Joe; I don’t know why I can’t commit. I’m super excited for my visit to Seattle next weekend to see Joe (the other one).

February 14, 2001. I think I’m going to marry Joe (the first one). I’m also going to be a doctor. Oh, and I started an all-girl band and we rock. We are totally playing at Spring Fling.

March 4, 2001. Have I given the Chris story yet? OK– Chris Richins, a guy in my ward, and I are sort of hooking up. He’s great — he got back from his mission in Donetsk, Ukraine a year or so ago. He’s an engineering major, he has six sisters, and he gives great back massages. What more could you ask for?

February 14, 2002. Our first Valentine’s Day as an old married couple! Christopher, looking oh-so-fine in his NOC (National Olympic Committee) assistant uniform, showed up to my work with a dozen roses before he jetted off to Salt Lake to deal with the Ukrainian mafia.

February 14, 2003. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love Megan’s new pediatrician. She’s pretty cranky because she got four shots but I gave her some Tylenol and she’s sleeping in her vibrating bouncer. We signed the rental agreement on our new place. It’s a great deal for Long Beach.

February 14, 2004. We had a fun Valentine’s Day date! Dinner AND a movie. Movie tickets are $10 here. And gas is over $2 a gallon. One day we are moving to Alabama where things aren’t so expensive.

February 14, 2005. Started hemorrhaging. Went to the hospital for a D&C and came home a few hours later. Ordered take-out and watched TV. I feel really good. Maybe it’s the drugs.

February 14, 2006. Allison’s going to watch the kids so we can go out tonight. Allison is living with me while Christopher finishes up his last semester of grad school. I’m so glad she’s here. She helps with the kids and keeps me company all those nights he’s gone.

February 14, 2007. I took Megan to school today. I didn’t want her to miss her Valentine’s Day party.

February 14, 2008. Blogging until midnight because memories are fun and I like to write. I started keeping a journal at age 5 and I’m so glad I have this blog because it’s a lot easier to type. I write this blog for me, but if you enjoy reading it, leave a comment, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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