Pianos and Prime Rib

Friday was a busy day for us. We went to the Discovery Museum in the morning for a Darden play date. It was nice; we had about 20 people show up. Then Megan, Gavin, and I got some lunch at Timberlake’s, this little drugstore that has an old-fashioned soda shop in the back. They’ve got this North Carolina BBQ sandwich that is deee-licious. We looked in a couple of bookshops and then headed back to the car. We hit Sam’s Club and then went home to rest for a little while before we drove back to Darden for a Cold Call– aka casual food and drinks. It was PACKED because there were about 65 prospective students visiting. There were also quite a few families in attendance, which was great. First, it gave my kids someone to play with, and second, it helped the prospective students with families know that Darden is a kid-friendly place. Seriously, if you are a prospective Darden student with kids, please come here! I will do everything I can to help you get settled into Darden life. Charlottesville is the best!

On the way home, I picked up Sara, the sweet two-year-old that I babysit a couple days a week. Her mom wanted to visit a friend at a nearby college, so Sara spent the night with us. When we got home, the kids were exhausted. Megan, Sara, and I made it up to the second floor where Megan was getting her jammies on and Sara was playing with their toys. I had promised to fix the kids a pre-bedtime snack, and Gavin was downstairs whining for that. Five minutes later, the girls and I went downstairs to the kitchen and we found Gavin, who only made it to the top of the basement stairs.

So then I was faced with the question: should I put him in bed and risk having him wake up in the middle of the night, hungry and wet, or should I change his diaper, get his pj’s on, feed him a snack, and risk him not going back to bed?

I chose the latter, and it was a good choice. He went straight back to sleep after he was changed into his jammies and fed a little snack.

Saturday poor Christopher got home at, like 3 am. Maybe he’ll blog about his horrific trip back from Atlanta. I let him sleep until about 10 am, but then he had to go pick up my Valentine’s gift.

It took many months of browsing piano stores and Craigslist, but I finally found the one. Isn’t she lovely? Thanks to my sweetie and to Seth and Mark for your help!

Saturday Christopher and I went out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We had a church meeting at 7 pm, so that was the entertainment for the evening, and since it was in Waynesboro, we decided to eat dinner there. We have this coupon book for restaurants in the area, so we picked the one restaurant in Waynesboro and tried it. Unfortunately, we failed to realize that when you are the only restaurant in town, you don’t have to try very hard for customers.

It was a steak and seafood place. The menu looked good enough. Christopher ordered a bourbon strip steak with asparagus and I got the filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes. We ordered our steaks medium. We sat down at 5:30. The salads were mediocre. That’s okay, I thought, I came here for the steak. The bread was tasteless. That’s okay, I thought, I don’t need to eat a bunch of bread. (I ate 4 pieces anyway). Then we waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, at 6:30, our steaks came. Christopher’s was cooked well done, and cold. Mine could not have possibly been filet mignon. And the asparagus, well, was nothing like we’d ever seen.

They offered to heat up the steaks (making Christopher’s super well done) but it was just inedible. The manager offered us dessert, but we had to leave quickly to catch our meeting and honestly, when the salads, bread, steaks, and sides were all horrible, we didn’t put much hope in dessert.

In the end, they comped our bill and we left the waiter a tip and got the heck out of there.

It reminded me of the time we drove from Los Angeles to Provo. We stopped for lunch at JC Mickelson’s in Nephi, Utah, population 4,733. Christopher ordered the special–prime rib. It was completely inedible, and when Christopher complained to the waitress, she said, “Honey, have you ever had prime rib before?”


One thought on “Pianos and Prime Rib

  1. Hope you don’t mind I found you threw someone elses blog. I enjoyed reading yours. Ours is private but if you email me your email addres (deonemily@gmail.com) I will totally add you.

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