The weekend

I’d better update my blog lest I lose my faithful readers!

Thursday night we went bowling with a bunch of Darden families. It was a blast. I bowled like an 80– with bumpers. Megan bowled a 63, and Gavin a 60. Christopher stayed and bowled with his section and the kids and I went home and to bed. I was just starting to recover from my sinus infection, but it was nice to have free dinner (pizza and Sprite) and entertainment. A bunch of our friends were there too, like the Vances and the Sorensens and the Williams and some new people that I thought were really cool. I love Darden family stuff. I’d better start planning some activities for us!

Friday the kids and I attempted to clean the house and in the evening we met Christopher at the Quinn’s house (an LDS Darden professor) for a potluck dinner with all the LDS Dardenites– professors and students. It was an absolute blast. Most of the professors were not much older than the students (with the exception of Sam Bodily) and so there were about 25 kids under 8 running around. The Quinn’s had a huge basement turned into a kid’s fantasty land (castles, toys, dress-up) and the kids pretty much stayed down there and Christopher and I really enjoyed ourselves! We got to sit and have some fun uninterrupted adult conversation. It was too bad the evening had to end so soon, as toddlers got cranky and the Quinn’s were ready to wind down for the evening. We could’ve stayed there all night. We need to make friends with the Quinns, because they seemed like a really fun couple, and our kids liked their kids. We are in the market for a family to date. (read this article)

Saturday we slept in, and then Christopher had to study for finals so I took the kids and we ran errands. We took our time driving through the car wash, getting hair cuts, walking around the mall, dining at Chic-Fil-A (with the playplace, of course), and stopping by Target and Sam’s Club. I don’t know what has changed lately, but my kids are actually good in public! I can’t believe my luck. We were gone for 4 1/2 hours. We spent a fun night at home, the kids went to bed early, and Christopher and I stayed up late watching episode after episode of Arrested Development on DVD.

Sunday. We don’t have church until noon, but for some reason the morning always flies by. Between getting four people ready for church, Christopher planning his Sunday school lesson, me planning Singing time for all the kids (don’t ask me why we don’t do all this stuff earlier in the week!) it’s a zoo. But we managed to get to church on time and have a nice day. We came home and Christopher and I made dinner together (Giada’s spicy baked macaroni). Then he fell asleep on the couch and I put the kids straight to bed. I’ve been up for a few hours reading and writing to a friend about what I thought about The Mormons PBS documentary. Maybe I’ll include those thoughts in another email.

This week: finals for Christopher, school for the kids, and planning a Darden community Easter party for me.


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