Megan’s note

I was a little nervous when Megan’s teachers said today: “We left a note for you in Megan’s folders.” The last time Megan’s teachers had something to tell me, Megan had commented on the weight of a classroom visitor, and was in a little bit of trouble.

The thing about Megan, though, is she learns quick. I was thrilled when I got to the car and read the note:

We’re proud of her, too.


4 thoughts on “Megan’s note

  1. Hey Lauren, That was so nice of you to write me a little note! My husband Spencer was out at Virginia and he told me about your family and how nice all of you were. This is such a crazy time for us and you guys made Spencer (well, and me too!) so much more excited to go away to school. We start to hear back from schools within the next few weeks so we’ll keep you posted! Hopefully we can meet in person! Your family and blog are darling! It was great to meet you….even if it was just through the blogs! Thank you again for taking the time on Monday night to talk to my husband.-Missy

  2. Christopher and Lauren,This is your cousin Holly (RICHINS) Jorgensen from Utah. I “blog stocked” you through BB. How cute your little family is. Sounds like life is busy, but fun!I would love to keep in touch with you all. Good luck with your interviews Christopher…how nice that will be when it is all done!Love,Holly & Fam

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