Ingrid Newkirk

I just got an email from Ingrid Newkirk. The name sounded familiar because I just read about her in “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.” I don’t know how I got on her email list, but Caitlin would probably be the number one suspect.


3 thoughts on “Ingrid Newkirk

  1. That is also absolutely bull. The list, I mean. About 10 are apparently screwing up America by being feminists, another half because they are anti-war or do not like the President. I think a) number one on the list should be Pres. Bush, who has probably done more to screw up America in recent years than anyone, and b) why are you reading such things?

  2. Also, you should blog more! I do not care if you have two kids and are incredibly busy, I need your posts!!! Also, I wonder if your friends think it’s creepy that I am an avid reader of their blogs…

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