Cadbury Creme Eggs

Nothing much to report. I’m stressing out about this Easter party on Thursday. But here’s a quick thought. Is it just me, or are Cadbury Creme Eggs smaller than they used to be? Perhaps my mouth is just bigger. And were they always 59 cents a pop?


3 thoughts on “Cadbury Creme Eggs

  1. I concur, The eggs appear much smaller. Or it could be that my love for them has grow exponentially throughout the years, and there for i can never get enough. I’m waiting till the day after easter to buy mine… Do you even eat them frozen?….Delicious.

  2. Hi Lauren! I finally get to write you back! You have such a cute family! Man- Time flies and kids grow, hau?!!! I just LOVE these Cadbury eggs…my very favorite! =) Thanks for saying hi to me! Write soon! =) I actually just developed the pics from 2004 of all of us at the primary pioneer park day! Can you believe it! Bye!

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