Easter weekend (continued)

Megan looked lovely in her Easter dress. I couldn’t find the big white bow, though (I know! How can I even call myself a Southern girl?) I’ll take pictures of Gavin next Sunday in his Easter clothes.

Christopher and I decided to switch off. I went to church from 12-3, then he met me at the church with Gavin and went to Sacrament Meeting at 3:30. Everything was going smoothly until Gavin started coughing on the way home, and coughed a tiny bit of mucus on his shirt. He was so disgusted that he proceeded to throw up the entire contents of his stomach. Christopher had fed him pizza for lunch.

I was very impressed with what happened next. I threw Gavin in the tub, took apart the car seat and threw the cloth parts in the washer and the plastic parts in the dishwasher (still haven’t managed to put it back together… that’s the challenge). Meanwhile, I was all set to prepare Easter Sunday dinner.

I got the ham and macaroni and cheese in the oven. Luckily, I had made the potato salad and banana pudding in the morning. Christopher came home and took care of the deviled eggs and asparagus.

Then our friends Nate and Hill and their baby Claire came over with a salad, rolls, and the most amazing strawberry shortcake ever. We had a really fun feast of an Easter dinner. Our kids were really well behaved. Gavin’s cough had calmed down considerably, thank goodness. Christopher said our first date with the Dahles went well.


3 thoughts on “Easter weekend (continued)

  1. LOVE Megan’s dress! You might have dropped the ball on the white bow, but you made up for it with a Southern Easter lunch. I was in Yankee-land with Bill’s parents, and while the food was great (they are Italian), it wasn’t like back home!

  2. I’m watching this movie about communal living, where the kids all live together in homes and are taken care of by workers. The parents just bond with their kids for four or five hours after work. Other than that, they are fed, clothed, and schooled in these communes. Sounds ideal, huh?

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