Easter weekend

So Thursday night, after the Darden Easter party, I was ready to RELAX. I put on my comfy clothes and watched August Rush, which was the perfect movie for my mood. It has a very weak plot and dialogue but lots of pretty people playing amazing music, so it was great. Plus, I’ve been in love with Keri Russell since Felicity. Every time I get my hair cut, I take a picture of her in, but I’ve never been able to achieve that look. Maybe because I’m not her, and maybe because I’ve never spent more than $35 on a haircut.

August Rush ended at 11:45, and I was in bed at midnight. I was planning on turning on the TV for the kids Friday morning and going back to bed. At 12:15, I hear barking… like a seal. Gavin has croup… again. I give him a breathing treatment, but he’s sucking in his little chest so much I end up taking him to the emergency room… again. This is the second time I’ve ever been to the ER (for the kids; I’ve taken Christopher a few times) and the second time in three months I’ve taken Gavin in because he had croup. Luckily, the ER is only a few minutes away from my house. I manage to get in and out in two hours, which is pretty great for the emergency room. Gavin got the super-steroids and super-breathing treatment, just like he did over Christmas.

So Gavin got over the croup (a virus). Saturday he seemed a bit better. Then Saturday night he starts running a fever. Monday morning I take him in. He has an infection (lungs and ears). More antibiotics. More steroids. The CVS pharmacist fills my FIVE prescriptions (three are daily asthma drugs the kids take) with a look of pity in her eyes. “Hope they feel better soon, hon,” she says as she looks into my bloodshot eyes.

Of course, the medicine works great (gotta love Zithromax) and Gavin is feeling better. Except the medicine is making him loopy. He’s had a rough few days.

Sunday he stayed home with Christopher. Megan and I went to church. I led the primary kids in “Did Jesus Really Live Again?” and “Beautiful Savior.” I also played flute with the choir and Amy on viola. I did a cop-out singing time… songs hidden in Easter eggs. The senior boys (8-11 year olds) were not impressed, and bouncing off the walls. I suspect all the children were a little hopped up on jellybeans.

Speaking of jellybeans, the Easter bunny visited our house!


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