Thursday night there was a Cold Call at Darden. The food was fabulous. Southern cooking catered from Wayside– fried chicken, mac and cheese, BBQ pork, green beans. Mmmmm. There was also entertainment for the kids, Rick Haggard aka The Bubble Man. Yes, my camera batteries were dead. Don’t worry, I’m hiring him again, and I’ll make sure and take pictures next time.

Friday was Gavin’s last day of steroids. He had been moody and aggressive all week, and I was at the end of my rope. Luckily, we were going out! Sans kids. As in, I had a babysitter. We went our with our Israeli friends Arnie and Mor. Arnie is a Darden first-year, but Mor is in the military and has to stay in Israel until August. The bad news is, they will spend the first year of their marriage apart. The good news is, she’ll be here in August to stay, and start graduate work at UVa. Arnie and Mor are a lot of fun. I don’t know a whole lot of Jews, and even fewer Israeli Jews (okay, two), but the ones I know are open, engaging, and have a very quick, dry sense of humor. We got dinner at Himalayan Fusion (chicken tikka masala! yum!) and gelato from Splendora’s. We were going to watch a DVD, but I turn into a pumpkin at 11.

Saturday we went to the Virginia Book Festival. It was fun walking around Charlottesville, although cold again. My favorite thing was the children’s book swap. I took about 20 of the books I am sick of reading our kids and exchanged them for 20 new ones, including some classics like Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I’m pretty excited to re-read those with Megan. We also found some nice hardcover books, including an old edition of Pride and Prejudice.

While we were walking around, we passed Jackson Park and I whipped out my camera. I figured my dad would appreciate some pictures of the kids and Stonewall. Back in 1994, my dad wanted to name my brother Ethan Stonewall Carroll. Why he didn’t want to name my brother after one of Stonewall’s actual names: Thomas, Jonathan, or Jackson, is a new mystery to me. Regardless, my mom vetoed Civil War hero names and nicknames, and Ethan ended up with the middle name Lester, after my dad.

Lunch at Five Guys

I’m excited for this week. Gavin should be getting healthy and acting more like a 3-year-old instead of an hormonal teenager (not a whole lot of difference, but enough to keep me sane) and we don’t have any big plans. Here’s hoping for some down time.


2 thoughts on “Stonewall

  1. Megan is looking so grown up! I can’t believe how old she is getting. Wow. Man, that would’ve been cool if we had a brother named Stonewall. Not like Lester is any better, right?

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