The double ice cream park day

I can’t blog for very long because I have to go watch The Office, but I just want to tell you about our super fun day yesterday. Fun for me, but super fun for the kids. After school, we went to Pen Park for a picnic and playtime. Then we heard Kohr Brothers was having their annual 5 cent cone day! Frozen custard, yum! I had never had one before but it was better than TCBY and Golden Swirl, IMHO. We got three chocolate/mint swirl cones and ate them. Kohr Brothers also has a working carousel right there in the shop, which the kids rode about 40 times. Nice.

Coincidentally, I had also planned a DPA ice cream party at Ben & Jerry’s. Yes, friends, we left Kohr Brothers, stopped briefly at the mall to kill some time, and headed to B&J. We had a great turn out, including lots of dads. Maybe it was the law of diminishing returns, but I liked the frozen custard better than my sugar cone of Phish Food, although it was still really good.

After Ben & Jerry’s my kids were all hyped up on sugar and I didn’t feel like going home, so a couple of families headed over to the playground at Copeley (family housing). Part of me wishes we had just lived there. It sure would’ve been a lot cheaper! I don’t know if I could have survived without a washer and dryer, but still, there were kids running around everywhere, and I think we would’ve had fun. Unfortunately, the only Darden families I met before coming here lived in regular, nice homes in Crozet, or Keswick, or Forest Lakes. I had no idea so many families lived on campus (or in Huntington). And, of course, they are either Mormon or international. Not to overgeneralize, but yeah. How fun is that? So maybe I’ll start hanging out over there and making some friends. It’s a ghost town in Avon Park from 8 to 5.

We headed home around 6 and I whipped up a 10 minute tilapia, brown rice, and peas dinner. My new favorite thing is the Birds Eye Steamfresh bags. Have you seen those in the grocery store? I buy them for a dollar and you just pop them in the microwave and they have all sorts of veggies and rice. Yum. I wish they would’ve had those when I was in college and I would’ve eaten a lot less Ramen and grilled cheese.

So that was our twofer park/ice cream day. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Especially since the whole outing cost 15 cents. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The double ice cream park day

  1. You would have missed the washer and dryer too much to live there.Thanks for the heads up on the Birds Eye Steamfresh Bags. Will add that to my shopping list for sure.

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