My freshman year at BYU I met two lovely ladies, Jenni and Andrea, roommates who lived three doors down from me. They seemed as different as could be, as Jenni was from rural Idaho, and Andrea had lived in Beijing for the past six years. However, they became best friends, and two of the coolest girls I knew at the Y. Jenni is graduating from BYU Law this week, and Andrea finished an MPA from Indiana-Bloomington and now works for Independent Sector in DC. In celebration of her graduation from law school, Jenni flew to DC to visit Andrea, and they decided to take a day out of their vacation to drive to Charlottesville to see me! (and Charlottesville…)

We started our day with a trip to Monticello, after which I had to pick up the kids from school. We then walked through the downtown mall and took the trolley to the UVa grounds, saw the Rotunda, the Academical Village, and the Chapel. We took the trolley back downtown and ate dinner at Eppie’s. The kids did fairly well, although Megan acted up in front of the guests. I was pretty embarrassed, the way moms are around people who don’t have kids. However, we had a lovely time and a great visit. It was fun to reminisce about the old days, and talk about the adventures that we’ve experienced in the 5+ years since we’ve seen each other.

In this picture, Jenni is wearing Andrea’s jacket, and I’m wearing Jenni’s jacket. It rained all day, and Andrea was the only one who remembered to bring an umbrella. I had to buy one at the gift shop. Andrea will be the mom who always has everything in her diaper bag. I’m the mom that forgot the diaper and the wipes and has to bum them off Andrea…

Late that night, after Jenni and Andrea had left for Washington, I talked with MY roommate and best friend Angie. Angie lives in Florida, where her husband is finishing up his PhD. Despite our golden high school performances, we both managed to get married young and pop out five kids between us. We talked about our jealously that our friends and roommates are doing so many amazing things. Then we talked about our kids, and now that they are here, we wouldn’t trade raising them for any job or degree. We’ll have plenty of time for graduate school and careers… we’ll just have to wait until we’re 45. I felt so happy after I talked to Angie, because I still think she’s the one person in the world who truly understands me.


3 thoughts on “Monticello

  1. Lauren, it was so fun to come see you last week! Thanks for letting us disrupt your normal schedule — I really enjoyed meeting your cute kids and spending the day with you. You are a terrific mom and I am so impressed with everything *you* have accomplished with your great family…and I hope I won’t have to wait until I’m 45 to trade places with you! =) Come up to DC to visit soon!

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