Angie and I live in the same state again!

So my best friend from BYU called me up from Tallahassee, Florida and said, “Hey, guess what, I’m moving to Virginia next week!” And I said, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Call me as soon as you get settled and I’m coming to visit you!” So she called me and said, “I’m not settled, but come visit me anyway!” So I packed up the kids and we drove 2 hours and 15 minutes to Alexandria.

The timing was perfect. The kids were done with school, the weather was fantastic, and Christopher was staying in a nice hotel in DC for an international space conference. We drove up Wednesday morning, spent the entire day with Angie and her three kids, and took the metro downtown to spend the night with Daddy. Thursday morning the kids and I took the metro to the Smithsonian and walked around until Angie and kids joined us at the Museum of Natural History. We called our other roommate, Steph, who is 2/3 done with law school and works a few blocks from the White House, and she suggested a place to meet her for lunch. “It’s on 17th and Pennsylvania,” she said, “Call me when you get close.” Angie suggested we take the metro. “Nah,” I said, “Let’s just walk. The White House isn’t that far from here.” FORTY-FIVE minutes later we dragged our kids (ages 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2) into Potbelly’s. It was kind of far.

It was so amazing to see Angie and Steph. It has been years since I have seen them, as we have all been moving around the country for the past 5 years. I missed those girls so much. We decided we needed to conference call Shannon, the fourth roommate in our “sweetie suitemates,” who lives in Vegas.

It was SO awesome to see them!

So I took some pictures of the kids walking around the Mall, but of course my camera died because I forgot to charge the battery. So now I have to go back to DC and eat lunch with Steph and Angie again, so I can take a picture of the three of us. In the meantime, these are kind of fun.


3 thoughts on “Angie and I live in the same state again!

  1. what a fun day!! It’s nice to have life long friends like that. Even nicer when they have kids close to the same age. I must say I’m a bit jealous of the new camera. The pictures are great!!! The colors seem so bright. Anyway, kiss the kids and I’ll ttyl, L

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