Today’s weather report

Today in central Virginia:

Feels Like

I’d like to give a shout out to all my Seattle friends, where it is currently 50 degrees and raining. I miss you, and I am tempted to move back, but 50 degrees? In June? Are you kidding me?

And here’s another shout out to my Long Beach friends. Yes, I know it is 74 and sunny, all month long. Enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “Today’s weather report

  1. I laughed when I read this because I met you in Long Beach and then followed you to WA!!! Yeah we are sick of the 50 rain! And can’t wait for the SUN!!!How are you doing!!!

  2. I must admit, I am glad we are not there right now! I have been wondering the SAME thing about Lost! That is too funny.Also, I did a tutorial online for my camera and it has really helped. Just type in Rebel XT tutorials in Google and it should pop up.

  3. And how your Arizona friends? Same temp, but I sure DO NOT envy that humidity. Yuck! We were happy to be here in AZ during our North Carolina summers.

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