I finally made it back to South Carolina. I am way excited to blog about the amazing time I had in Cape Cod, but halfway through the trip I was hit by that good ole gagging-all-day can’t-get-off-my-butt morning (24 hours a day) sickness. So I’ll be moaning and puking for the next 6 weeks or so. Feel free to send me some Zofran if you have any lying around.

Oh, and our baby looks like a tadpole right now. Megan and Gavin think it’s really cool that their sibling still has a tail. Also, the baby has a brain now, and a heart the size of a poppy seed, that may have already started beating.


5 thoughts on “Tadpole

  1. yay!! for the baby, not for the sickness. Were you sick with both babies before? And don’t forget to let me know what you’re having so I can start a blanket!! ttyl, Lps, by the end of the week we should have FREE long distance to the states, so email me your phone number and we can chat and the kids can chat etc! ttyl, L

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