I got some fantastic melt-in-your-mouth 8 mg Zofran tablets. And I’m still nauseous. Sign me up for the “three-and-out” kid club.


6 thoughts on “Zofran

  1. I hear ya! I think morning sickness gets worse with every pregnancy because you lose more sleep with every child. For me, at least, sickness is directly related to tiredness. Good luck with all of that!

  2. You say that now…If you will remember, I said the same thing in February. Then last night I said to Bill, “I just love being pregnant. I sure hope we’ll be pregnant again before we leave Darden.” It’s amazing how quickly we forget.Hope you start feeling better SOON!

  3. I feel for you Lauren! Hated the Zofran – still not sure if it really worked or if the side effects completey turned me off and I just decided that it was better to throw up every five minutes and therefore have called it quits at 3! Really though, I hope you feel better better!

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