So last Friday I visited Harvard. Someday, when I go back, I’ll be sure to get a guide, or at least a student, to show me around. After awhile, I was like, “Oh look! Another really old building!”

Anyway, I started slow that morning. That was the first morning I was really feeling queasy. I sat around Taryn’s apartment until about 10, then took the 70 to the 66 to Harvard Square. I’m all about the public transportation in Boston. I could sit and listen to the bus drivers talk for hours. Not because they are particularly interesting, but because I can’t get enough of that accent.

So, for about an hour I walked around Harvard. The place was void of actual students but replete with Asian tour groups and nervous high schoolers walking around with their parents and a single guide. The parents would brag to the guide about how wonderful their child was and I remember thinking that they shouldn’t waste their breath. I doubt the tour guides are affiliated with admissions. But I could be wrong.

The first really old building I entered was a chapel– The Memorial Church. I was amazed at the monuments dedicated to students who died fighting in wars– Vietnam, Korea, World War Two, and even World War One.

About the time I started to get unimpressed with Harvard architecture, Memorial Hall came into view. This incredible structure housed yet another war memorial, this one dedicated to the students who died in the “War for the Preservation of the Union” or as Julie would call it, “The War of Northern Aggression.” Harvard has been around for a really long time. I didn’t see a monument for the “War Against British Oppression”, but I’m sure that there were some Harvard men that died in that one, too.

Then I met Amy M.’s sister-in-law, Sara W., for lunch. I suggested an on campus salad bar, thinking that 42 cents an ounce was a good deal. Um, no it isn’t. But we had a lot of fun talking and it was nice to make another new friend. After that I walked back to HBS to meet Taryn and we headed to Cape Cod, picking up another Bain partner from the airport on the way. The three of us had a blast talking and the 2 1/2 hour car ride flew by.


2 thoughts on “Hahvard

  1. Hi Lauren!!! I could read your blog all day long. You have such a fabulous way with words!!! I know this is long overdue, but CONGRATS!!!! I’m thrilled for you guys and hope you start feeling better soon. We miss you and your sweet fam and can’t wait for you guys to return home! Enjoy your summer-as much as possible, that is:) Hillory

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