Surprise visit

So I’m still sick. I keep thinking of that line from Pride and Prejudice, “Is there nothing you could take to give you present relief?”

I’ve tried lots of different pills and foods, the Sea Bands (one of which Gavin flushed down the toilet) and the ginger pops. I’m still nauseated. (Don’t correct a pregnant woman’s English, Caitlin.) If I were an animation, my face would be green.

I’m sorry that I’m complaining so much. I know you all are sick of it. However, I have to keep a record of this so I’ll remember how I feel in this moment the next time I say, “Hey, let’s make a baby!” and Christopher says, “Uh, are you sure?” and I say, “Sure, I’m sure, let’s go for it.” I feel like there is a very good chance we will never have that conversation again.

In other news… Christopher surprised us last night, showing up just before bedtime! The kids were SO excited to see him, as was I. He put them to bed last night, played Wii with them all morning, made them French toast, and took them to see Wall*E. I’m so glad he came.


One thought on “Surprise visit

  1. Aren’t those surprises just the best!?Surely you will start feeling better down the road. You aren’t complaining, you are documenting. Still, even with this recorded, you will forget.

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