Two weddings and a crazy mother

Nothing much to report. I’m still sick, the kids are still breaking all the high scores at Wii, and I’m trying to take them to the pool everyday for exercise. My mom is taking good care of me by fixing me dinner and doing mine and my kids laundry.

My brother is getting married in August, in Maryland, and my sister is getting married in October, in Utah. My mom has developed a twitch thinking about bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces and invitation lists. My dad is bemoaning the cost. But my siblings are both marrying wonderful people in the temple and are really happy, so I’m excited for them. Devin’s soon-to-be bride is coming next week and we are all going to spend a week at Hilton Head (mom, dad, me, the kids, maybe Christopher for a few days, Allison, Ethan, Devin and Hillary). It should be pretty fun. Christopher is coming this weekend to play with his kids and take care of his wife. He’ll be here in a few hours, and we’re excited to see him.

Finally, my mother-in-law is recovering from surgery, so I hope you feel better soon, Lynn! Take lots of good pain pills. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Two weddings and a crazy mother

  1. You poor girl. I was hoping you would be on the mend by now. Don’t waste away to nothing on me. Have fun in Hilton Head. If you have to be sick, I would rather be sick at the beach than sick at home. I still think this pregnancy came at a perfect time. Can you imagine being sick like this first quarter of the first year when we never saw our husbands? At least now you have your sweet mom to take care of you!

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