Oy with the poodles!

So my sister is now getting married on September 20th in Salt Lake and having a reception in Columbia on September 26th. Devin will be arriving any minute with his fiancee Hillary so we have spent all morning cleaning. When Christopher visited for the first time my parents practically remodeled the house, so I guess our standards are declining. My mom said by the time Ethan brings a girl home we won’t even clean, but I told her no one will be living at home then, so the house will already be clean. 🙂

My tadpole now has fingernails and toenails and is the size of a sugar packet. The doctor saw a little heartbeat yesterday. I’m still nauseous.

We are going to Chris and Olivia’s tonight for Chris’ famous ribs! Olivia is my mom’s baby sister and my favorite aunt, and she has 3 kids, Kirsten, Blake, and Macon. Her boys are about the same age as Megan and Gavin, so it’s fun to see them.


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