This week I have:

1. Taken my kids to the pool and sat in the shade while Ethan played with them… and still managed to get a little sunburn
2. Dropped my kids off at the park for Ethan to play with them
3. Read Breaking Dawn, everyone’s guilty pleasure
4. Went to the laundromat with my mom because our washing machine died
5. Found a rack of really cute $4.99 maternity clothes (of course my mom found it… I’m a horrible shopper and never find the rack of cute clothes that’s 9000% off)
6. Convinced my husband to start minivan shopping
7. Cleaned my parents house while they were both at work
8. Eaten at Olive Garden with my mom at a table for two while Megan and Gavin were at a separate table, out of sight, with Tripp and Allison (Tripp calls it “sick, twisted birth control”)
9. Packed up all my regular clothes, because I have a belly!
10. Gotten 45 calls from a telemarketer telling me that the warranty on my car is about to expire (it’s a 95, ya think?)… threatened to file a police report.


3 thoughts on “This week I have:

  1. I made Bill cancel our home phone last week because of that stupid car warranty call. Those people are persistent for sure!Yay for minivan shopping! Mine changed my life.Glad you got some new maternity clothes. I’m on strike from buying anymore (despite the fact that I can only fit in three things right now).Ready for all of y’all to come home. C’ville is getting lonely.

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