The minivan

Christopher and I had a deal that before I popped out kid #3, I would get my minivan. He always joked that he would go out and buy me a nice ’95 Windstar. I set him loose on craigslist, hoping he would treat me to a ’02 or ’03 Toyota or Honda, maybe with some extras. Much to my surprise, he bought me a 2005 Honda Odyssey, loaded with leather, DVD, navigation, you name it. Happy Anniversary to me! I love you, dear.


6 thoughts on “The minivan

  1. We are going to have an Odyssey Mafia at Darden this fall. Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out the navigation before you come home so you can teach me.Congratulations to you and kudos to your sweet husband!

  2. Who knew the day would come that I would be envious of a minivan! That is exactly what I want before the third kid, and scott keeps trying to talk me out of it. Congrats.

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