No Nyquil for you!

I have been sick for a while, with a nasty sinus/ear infection cough thing. Add that to the still-present pregnancy nausea/exhaustion, and I have been OOC: out of commission. Thankfully I have a husband who is not a first year in business school. Second year is not the cake walk we thought it would be, but he still managed to take care of me (read: the kids) all weekend, including Friday.

However, my least favorite part about this whole thing: when you are pregnant, you can’t take the good cold meds (read: Nyquil). I get sinus infections all the time, and usually I down a shot of Nyquil and sleep for a long time. But the OB nurse says, reminiscent of a Seinfeld character, “No Nyquil for you!” Take some Tylenol. A few plain Sudafed. Get a humidifier. Sorry, still can’t breathe.

In fact, Nyquil is the only reason Mormons like to get sick. To tell you the truth, as a teenager, I never had any desire to drink alcohol. Never appealed to me. It wasn’t until after I had two children that I truly understood why people drink. A glass of wine after the kids go to bed, to take the edge off. Maybe some rum in my caffeine-free coke. Relax! I’ve never had a drink, and I don’t plan to. However, Christopher believes that the dipsomania that runs in my genes (read: grandpa died from cirrhosis) has finally kicked in. I always was a late bloomer.


3 thoughts on “No Nyquil for you!

  1. haha, that’s funny! It’s been forever.. (I think the last time I saw you was the night you got married! Lots of changes. Thanks for your comment about the review. I know about November and have a countdown!! It’s my one guilty pleasure book wise. I must admit, I have a lot more when it comes to TV…guilty pleasures that is. Right now I am reading the Picture of Dorian Gray. Have you read anything interesting recently?

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