Festive Day

Today we enjoyed some of C’ville’s festivals.

1. PBS Kids Book Festival – It was rainy, the ground was muddy. We saw the fire truck, Megan did her craft, we got our free books and hot dogs and left. Hot dogs are only good at baseball games.

2. C’ville Veg Fest – Megan really wanted to stop by on the way home, so Christopher and Gavin headed home and Megan and I stopped by Lee Park. It was more about the lifestyle than the food, which disappointed Megan. She ate an organic tomato and some tofu samples, but mostly we just wandered around the exhibits, observing the hemp-wearing, dread-locked granolies protesting the war, vaccinations, and fluoride. Megan got a button from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Caitlin would’ve loved it.

3. Darden’s International Food Festival – One of the most anticipated Darden events was a success in spite of the soggy ground. Christopher and I did a divide and conquer, and I got Gavin. He’s a good little eater, and enjoyed Spanish paella, Greek baklava, and Russian borscht. Megan went straight for the Chinese and I got my fill of naan and chickpea curry from Indian and pita and couscous from Israel.


2 thoughts on “Festive Day

  1. You’re making me really hungry girl! And you are right on about the hot dog thing. They are also okay at a really cold football game or if that is all you took camping.

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