Baby buying bonanza

When we moved from Seattle to Virginia, the cost of a moving van was so prohibitively high we decided to sell almost everything we owned and re-buy everything in Virginia. We put our entire house on Craigslist, including every piece of furniture we owned, and a large portion of clothes, toys, books. We prioritized our belongings, starting with sentimental and irreplaceable and moving on to important and necessary, fitting whatever we could into a Toyota Camry and a Mazda Protege. With all the overwhelming changes, getting pregnant again was the last thing on my mind. All the baby stuff was liquidated: sold or donated.

If I would’ve known that nine months after our move, I would’ve practically demanded to get pregnant again, and that I would’ve expected another boy, due on Gavin’s BIRTHDAY, I would’ve been a lot more selective about giving away my boy stuff.

However, there is a fabulous solution to this dilemma, that I discovered very early on. Baby stuff is quite expensive, but since most people only have two kids, you can find it used in very good condition.

I had been scouting Craigslist for some time, searching for clothes and gear. This week a local church organized a massive consignment sale, and I took the opportunity to buy all the baby stuff I thought I’d need for at least the first 6 months.

Now, my husband wasn’t thrilled when I came home, three times, with a minivan-load of baby stuff. He just couldn’t appreciate the hunt, and the success of finding hidden gems in this sale. But I’d like to share with you some of my amazing finds, in hope that you can congratulate my shopping savvy.

1. Fisher-Price Papasan Bouncer$10

2. Baby Bjorn Active$15

3. Baby Bjorn (I know, another one) – $5

4. Infantino Slingrider (I’ll have to try all three carriers and see which one I like the best, or maybe I’ll sell all 3 and get a Maya Wrap) – $5

5. Medela Pump in Style$16.50

6. Medela Harmony Pump (again, I’ll compare and probably sell one) – $3.75

7. In Step Expedition Jogger Stroller (we have the double, but for this price, I thought we could use the single, too) – $13.75

8. Peg Perego Prima Pappa Diner (an older model than this link, but still my first Peg Perego item) – $15

9. Boppy 5-in-1$4

10. Bumbo$14

I also bought an Easy Bake Oven and a handful of Rescue Heroes for about $10. Christopher was especially not happy about the toys, because giving children new toys on a non-holiday will spoil them rotten and ruin them for life.

Finally, I bought more than enough clothes for the first 6 months. I found the cutest little Carters jumpers and onesies, sleepers, and a few outfits. One Carters jumper will run you $6.88 at Sam’s Club, and I bought a TON at anywhere from 75 cents to 3 dollars, all in like new condition, some with tags still attached. I bought a few outfits for a little more, if they were an expensive brand or a boutique outfit. I probably don’t need quite as many baby boy clothes as I bought, but between Christopher and I, we have three recently married siblings, five still-single siblings, and two married with kids who will probably have more (and one who is done). So, when I started to go a little crazy with the clothes, I thought: Somebody will use these clothes. I will use them, and then I’ll pass them down the line.

Now, everything is being washed, wiped down, and disinfected. I must have crossed over into nesting mode, because I’m ready.

Oh, and if you’re interested, I want TWO brand new items, but have yet to convince Christopher to let me buy them because we have “plenty of time!”
1. This Pack n Play (because we’re not buying a crib/changing table until Atlanta)
2. This rocking chair


16 thoughts on “Baby buying bonanza

  1. Those are awesome finds!! And such good deals. Yes, I’m in awe that you found all the great stuff at even better prices. I think I’m most impressed by the Medela pump. Way to go!

  2. Those are great finds! I’m always impressed when people find such great deals at consignment sales, I never go. I don’t know why guys don’t get as excited about baby stuff as we do. I love getting everything together. If you end up wanting a Maya wrap (sling), let me know. I made a few for myself pretty cheap ($10) and would love to make one for you (I’m on a sewing kick right now and love new projects!) Enjoy the nesting and cute baby stuff.

  3. What amazing deals! Like someone else already said, the medela pump in style is an AMAZING deal. I was given just before I had Kate and it has saved me. I wouldn’t have been able to still be breast feeding without one. As for the things you want new…I think you should be able to easily convince him to buy them since you saved so much on everything else buying in used. The pack in play is so looks amazing. As for the rocking chair, I have almost the same one in green. I love it, the only thing I don’t like is that the cover on the glider isn’t removable and with it being a light color ours has gotten dirty (which happens with little ones as I am sure you know) and I can’t wash it in the washing machine and spot cleaning just isn’t the same. So, that kinda drives me crazy but other than that it works great. (ps when we first got it the rocking chair would squeek but after a little while it stopped and hasn’t ever done it since.)

  4. I love good buys! Craiglist is my favorite – I’ve gotten some nice furniture off there and I recently bought Carson a bumbo. Of course, James doesn’t appreciate it either. So I totally understand what you are saying and want to say congrats! 🙂

  5. I’m so jealous of all of your deals. Stacy also found amazing stuff when she lived in CA. And she said the same thing you did, people have 2 kids and so everything is pretty nice still. So well done on the shopping!!

  6. Good call on the pack n/ play. OUr is the same style (though in a pale green) and we love it! We didn’t want to spend a whole lotta money on baby stuff that we’d have to let the Air Force move and ruin in a couple of years. I recommend going to different Babies R Us stores and looking at their floor models. That’s how we got Roo’s bed and it was 40% off since it was a floor model. Anyway congrats on your steals! That’s awesome!

  7. Way to go! I can’t stand paying full price for anything when you can get it in good useable condition for a fraction of the price! Got to love craigslist and good ole fashion garage sales! Hope you are doing well!

  8. I’m jealous of the baby bjorn active! (not that I’d have a use for one right now) and I have the medela pump in style and I LOVE it! and maybe now you don’t have “plenty of time” that you are on bedrest. You should get the pack n play! I LOVE mine!

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