Elton John, Temple Trip, and Baby Showers

Our weekend started Friday afternoon when Christopher called.

“Elton John is playing at the JPJ tonight and people are selling tickets like crazy on Craigslist. Can we go?” He asked.

“How much are the tickets?” I replied.

“They are originally over $100 but I think I can get two for that price,” he said.

“I don’t know…” I began. “$100 plus a babysitter is pretty expensive. Plus, I’m sure the concert will go really late and I’ll be so tired. I was kind of hoping for a relaxing night at Institute.” (Institute = Bible study with free dinner and babysitting)

“Fine,” he sighed. He was thinking, “Pregnant Lauren is so boring!”

An hour later he called back. “I got us tickets for $20! What do you think?”

“Okay,” I started. “If I can find a babysitter, we’ll go.” I called our neighborhood 15-year-old, who had no plans. So we’re going to see Elton John tonight. Tiny Dancer started playing in my head.

Twenty minutes later Christopher calls back. “Um, there’s someone who wants to give me one free ticket. Would you rather me go by myself for free or would you rather go with me?”

Pregnant. Institute. Free. “Definitely go by yourself,” I said. “Join us for dinner at Institute and leave early to go to the concert.” Deal.

So we meet at the church and eat dinner and Christopher leaves for Elton while I partake in a wonderful discussion of how we can apply three of Jesus’ parables to our marriage.

Christopher calls as I am collecting the kids and eating a Krispy Kreme donut. “Guess what!” He says. “I was walking to the JPJ and the craziest thing happened. The lady in front of me collapsed from an asthma attack and I helped her and her husband back to their car. They gave me their tickets and they are second row. I could hit Elton with a spitball! Please come join me?”

Wow. Free second row tickets. What could I do? “Sorry sweetie,” I reply. “By the time I get back home, get the kids situated with the babysitter, and make it back to the JPJ it will be like 9:30. Enjoy Elton for the both of us.”

And he did. What can you learn about us from this protracted story? One, we are cheap. Two, we have just about as much fun apart as we do together. Is that sad?

Saturday we sacrificed the football game to go to the temple. The stake was providing free babysitting at the church building next to the temple and we decided it would probably be our last trip until we move to Atlanta and live 3.5 miles from the temple, instead of the current 130 miles. We left by about 9 am, got to Kensington, Maryland by noon, dropped our kids off and made it to a 12:30 session. Collected our kids by about 2:20, stopped at McDonald’s on the way home and made it home at exactly 6:00. Phew. The kids had fun and we enjoyed our time together but it was an exhausting day.

Sunday was church and lots of naps and snuggling in the family bed. Our kids are really easy now and I made stuffed peppers for dinner. I have been obsessed with cooking lately. In fact, I only think about two things: eating and sleeping.

Monday Christopher went to school and the kids were off. We stayed in our pajamas all day and I felt the need to do random chores, like deep cleaning the refrigerator and dusting the blinds.

Tuesday we were up and about again. I went to a baby shower luncheon, Megan stayed after school for her art club, Gavin went to the park after school with a friend, and the three of us met Christopher for dinner at Five Guys and Claire’s 2nd birthday party! (the birthday party was just as fun for the grown-ups as for the kids!)

Christopher, now in second quarter, has a lot more work to do, so he left the birthday party and headed back to school, and I took the kids home, sugared up but sleepy. They fell asleep around 8:30, and I hopped into my bed and read a chapter of Wuthering Heights. Christopher said he’d be home by 10 and we’d watch an episode of The Unit (we’re on season 2, disc 4)

I decided to rest my eyes for just a minute…

I woke up when Christopher walked into the room. “What time is it?” I groggily asked.

“10:40… sorry I’m late.”

“No worries, I think I’ll just go back to sleep.”

“I think I’ll just lay down beside you for just a second…”

In seconds, we were both fast asleep. Christopher, like so many nights, fully clothed.

Finally, this morning I went to a baby shower brunch (what IS with all these pregnant women? you’d think we were Mormon or something), took Gavin to Pen Park after school, and now we are at home.

It’s 5:00, both kids have had their bath and are in their pj’s, and we are going to eat dinner and go to bed!


3 thoughts on “Elton John, Temple Trip, and Baby Showers

  1. Call me the next time you go to Pen Park. I don’t care if it is while you are on the way there. I’ve gotten quick at loading my two up in the van! I’m so glad to see that my husband isn’t the only one that goes to sleep fully clothed. That Elton story is crazy!

  2. Hi, love your blog. But where are the pictures of Gavin? How about a boy name that doesn’t end in “n” so you won’t rhyme with Richins…like Michael or Jared? Jill will like that you want a little Caroline. Remember that her middle name is Caroline, as well as Anna’s. That was always a favorite with me. Love you, Aunt Jeanne

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