Favorite books: Magic School Bus, Little Critter

Favorite TV shows: Everyday Italian, Magic School Bus

Favorite activities: Playing computer, cooking with Mom, board games (Don’t Break the Ice, Monopoly Jr., Scrabble Jr., etc.)

Favorite toys: Baby Will (Cabbage Patch Kid), Geotrax, and Rescue Heroes

Most uttered phrase: “I’m hungry!”

Favorite foods: Pasta, oatmeal, anything “Italian” (Giada) makes

Likes: Taking pictures, staying home with Mom, grocery shopping, the park

Dislikes: Pants that slide on his waist, Vaseline on his lips, when Megan sings “opera”

Afraid of: The dark, loud noises, farm animals eating out of his hand, swimming

Not afraid of: Darting into oncoming traffic, eating wild berries, jumping off high places

Favorite relative: Uncle Ethan (he has a Wii and a puppy, what more do you want?)

Nicknames: Simook (pronounced “see-mook”), a mispronunciation of a Russian term of endearment, Little Guy, Boy Wonder


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