Halloween, Take Two

I wanted to go trick-or-treating on the Lawn. I really did. But with my energy level, we once again canvassed our neighborhood, which is fabulous. Usually about 20 of our townhouse neighbors are handing out candy. And since they are all childless professionals, they are giving out good candy: full-size candy bars, packs of Orbitz gum. No Hubba Bubba in this neighborhood. And the entire process took about half an hour, even counting the 10 minutes my kids played on the grass with our neighbor’s Maltese puppy. Our kids were asleep by 8 p.m. and we were on the couch, watching a DVD of The Unit and eating their candy.

Megan decided she would go as a “Japanese girl.” She wore the kimono her daddy brought her from Tokyo, two pencils stuck in her hair, and lots of black eyeliner. She’s creative enough now that I might not ever buy her a costume again.


6 thoughts on “Halloween, Take Two

  1. Very cute children. And I’m really pushing Benjamin hard for the next baby. We talked about King Benjamin in church on Sunday and I got that feeling. It’s going to be Benjamin. It’s a name with meaning. How much does my vote count, anyway??

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