I’d like to think that today, my bed rest is 20% complete. Two weeks down, eight to go. My mom left to go home a few hours ago. She scrubbed and vacuumed my house from top to bottom, stocked the fridge, did the laundry, went to the pharmacy and the library, and got me situated before she left. I don’t think she realizes how wonderful she is. Not many mothers of grown children, with children still at home, could and would just drop everything for two weeks and did what she did. We really, really appreciate her.

The kids are having fun in Utah. Yesterday their dad, grandpa, and aunt Brieanne took them to the children’s museum at the Gateway in Salt Lake. Tomorrow the rest of the family will arrive in town, and I know the kids are going to love seeing all their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma.

My grandparents are driving up to Charlottesville right now. They are going to spend Thanksgiving with me, and I’m going to send them to Monticello and other historic Charlottesville attractions while they are here. We really appreciate them, too.

So now, I’m just laying here, thankful that the bed rest and drugs are working so well. Thankful that we have so many people in our life who are willing to rearrange their lives to help us. Really, for being on bed rest with a husband in school and two young children, things couldn’t be easier, and it’s because of everyone else who is doing so much.


2 thoughts on “20%

  1. Yes, I agree, your mother IS wonderful. It is very hard to help out one of your children and leave the rest behind – there is need on both ends and you are so torn. I did that very same thing when Laura had her complications with Aaron 7 years ago and had several children still at home. Its even harder for your mom bc your dad isn’t there either. It says a lot for your siblings that they were able to be so self sufficient. As you will find out yourself as the years roll on, there is nothing deeper than a mother’s love…. we will literally do anything within our power to help our children out. One of the greatest challenges in life is to be powerless when one of your children need you, and you CAN’T help. Have a great Thanksgiving with your grandparents and kudo’s to them too.

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